Notice to travelers to China with connecting flights in their respective countries in connection with a nucleic acid testing requirement:
Passengers must be tested for Covid-19 within 5 days before boarding the aircraft. Details are published on the official website Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Czech Republic. The mandatory fortnightly quarantine after arrival in China still applies and then further testing is required.

More information:
Wearing drapes is no longer mandatory outdoors, but it is still mandatory to wear them indoors and in places where more people meet.
99.1% of Chinesse industrial companies have resumed production and 95.4% of their employees have already returned to work.
Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced a decree that from April 1, 2020, all export companies exporting medical supplies to foreign countries such as testers, medical masks, protective suits, fans, infrared thermometers, must prove for customs clearance that their products have valid certificates and meet the quality standards of the given import destinations. There are currently more than 2,000 registered manufacturers, who have the necessary certifications for the production of medical devices. It is forbidden to export unapproved and non‑certified medical products abroad.

Upcoming events:
Alibaba plans to launch twenty online fairs from various fields by the end of the year.
The commercial exposition is realized through the foreign office of CzechTrade in Shanghai.
Summit 17 + 1 (17 countries of Central and Eastern Europe + China):
The summit was postponed from the April date indefinitely. Due to the fact that it is not yet clear what the format will be, it is not possible to confirm the possibility of organizing a business delegation. If it takes place online, it will be possible to give Czech entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet their Chinese partners online.
Generally, there is now a trend shifting fairs at the end of the year or more until next year.
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Last update November 30, 2020
Source of information: CzechTrade Agency, business partners from China

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