BMS - Battery Management System

BMS battery management system
BMS (battery management system) is a device that extends battery lifetime by monitoring battery status and secure communication to prevent overcharge or over discharge. Advanced algorithm precisely calibrates status based on data collected from performance tests with a deviation less than 5%.
Dimensions:451×491×184 mm
Weight:20 kg
Maximum altitude:2000 m
Power supply method:battery powered supply / external power supply
Equalization mathod:active / passive balancing
Equalization current:2~5 A opted in stack active, 100 mA passive
Communication interface:RS485x2, CAN2.0Bx2, Rs232, Ethernet
Event log database:record 500 events including type of abnormality, time of occurence and protection acion
Daily stored database:Store all constant infortion of the past 30 days as voltage, current, temperature and time
Temperature sampling
Detection range:-40°C~65°C
Detection accurancy:±1°C
Sampling timing:≤100 ms
Cell voltage sampling
Detection range:0~5 V
Detection accurancy:±2 mV
Sampling timing:≤5 ms
Current sampling
Detection range:-300~300 A
Detection accurancy:±0.5%
Sampling timing:≤1 µs
Input Power
Working mode:≤1 W
Stand-by mode:≤0.2 W
Compliance with the standard:
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