Fluorescent Tube T5 Mosquito 8W

T5 Mosquito 8W


Item No.: FT08T5UVAG5
Ultraviolet radiation: 368 nm
Radiated power: ≥ 16.5 μW/cm2
Power consumption: 8 W
Size: 288 × 26 mm
Base: G5
Average lifetime: 8,000 hours
Reliable operation at ambient temperature from 15°C up to 50°C
Packing: 500 pcs / carton (10 pcs / inner carton)
Fluorescent tubes Divetta Mosquito emit concentrated UVA radiation with a wavelength 368 nm. This light attracts flying insects very well, while it is not dangerous to the human organism. It can be used only with electronic ballast.
Applications: electric insect killers.
UVA 368 nm

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