Photovoltaic Panel BSM440

Technical drawing of the panel
Technical drawing
Voltage and current graphs
Voltage and current graphs
Annual linear efficiency degradation no more than 0.55% for 30 years
Efficiency maitenance
Innovative shingled structure with high-density layout and low-temperature adhesive bonding ensures high efficiency and operational reliability.
Maximum power:440 Wp332 Wp
Maximum operating voltage:34.8 V33.2 V
Maximum operating current:12.5 A9.88 A
Open circuit voltage:47.0 V40.1 V
Short circuit current:13.7 A10.82 A
Internal resistance:≥ 100 MΩ
STC: irradiance 1 kW/m², temperature 25°C
NMOT: irradiance 0.8 kW/m², temperature 20°C
Mechanical specifications
Panel type:monocrystalline, one-sided
Dimensions:1812×1096×30 mm
Weight:21.2 kg
Bypass diode quantity:2
Connection cables:midship 4 mm²
Cover:3.2mm tempered glass
Frame:eloxovaná hliníková slitina
Safety class:II
Fire safety class:C (according to UL790)
Operating condicions
Operating temperature:-40~85°C
Maximun system voltage DC:1500 V
Maximun series fuse:25 A
Maximun static loading:sněhová zátěž 5400 Pa, větrná zátěž 2400 Pa
Temperature coefficients
Maximum power coefficient:-0.34%/°C
Voltage coefficient:-0.27%/°C
Current coefficient:+0.04%/°C
Compliance with the standards, directives and regulations
IEC 61215, IEC 61730‑1:2018, IEC 61730‑2:2018, IEC 61730‑1:2018/AC:2018‑06, IEC 61730‑2:2018/AC:2018‑06, RoHs, WEEE, Tel: +420 777 853 185

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