Do you want to sell your products to China? We know how to do it. We know the habits of Chinese traders very well. We know which goods are the most promising for the Chinese market. China is a very specific and complicated market. It is important to have at least a basic overview of the market, competitive environment, price level, legislative barriers, customs and tax burdens, etc. Entering the Chinese market is becoming more difficult year by year. The specific behavior of Chinese consumers, cultural differences and preferences can be an unpleasant surprise for foreign suppliers. Negotiations with the Chinese last very long time and it is necessary to prepare for that. You cannot expect success in the Chinese market without establishing personal contacts. We offer:

• Market research, evaluation of competitiveness.
• Finding suitable partners who are interested in Czech products.
• Checking a selected business partner. **)
• Contacting a selected business partner and helping to negotiate a contract.
• Escorts during a personal visit to potential business partners and major trade fairs.
• Mediation of sponsored participation at major trade fairs for Czech visitors. *)
• Acquisition of visas, air tickets and accommodation.
• Translation of technical documentation into the Chinese language. *)
• Forwarding and customs services. Sea transport by collecting containers and fully loaded container, air transport. *)
• We will find out what documents are needed for the import of specific goods and help with obtaining them. Imports into the PRC are associated with a number of non-tariff trade measures, such as quotas, certifications, import licenses and other. Another measure that makes imports more difficult is the inspection certificates required for some commodities. Exceptions and a number of sub-regulations reduce the transparency of the Chinese customs system.
• Legal services in commercial contracts under Chinese law and dispute resolution in the Chinese courts. *)
• Consulting and support for online sales of Czech products to China and other countries through the Alibaba and Globalsources portals. More than 600 million people use the internet for shopping. This is the largest online market in the world well in advance. The Chinese e‑commerce segment is growing regularly at a rate of around 20% per year, but now further acceleration is expected.
• Regular monitoring of foreign demand for Czech products.
• Help and advice when opening offices in China and establishing of WOFE (Wholly‑Owned Foregin Enterprise) or Joint‑Venture company in China or in Hong Kong. Starting a company in Hong Kong is very fast and cheap. Establishing WOFE or Joint‑Venture company in China is very comlicated and expenzive. The company's operations are very expensive too. For some sectors of the Chinese economy, the form of foreign participation is allowed by law only Joint‑Venture. *)
• Service related to the patent protection of Czech products and technologies in China. If the product is not patented in China, is a high probability that it will sooner or later be copied, because foreign patents in China are not respected. If the product is patented in China, then the probability of copying is practically zero, because the penalties for infringement of Chinese patent rights are very strict. *)

You can choose any of the services offered separately or order a complete service.
*)  Services are provided in cooperation with our long-time business partners
**) Services are provided personaly or in cooperation with our long-time business partners

For more detailed information write to info@divetta.eu

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